Company Profile

Kim Mex Construction & Investment Co.,Ltd. Company has formerly named Kim Mex Construction & Investment Co.,Ltd, was established since 1999 and eligible to bid being a company duly registered in accordance with regulation and law in the Kingdom of Cambodia. In the early years of establishment, when the country’s economy was difficult due to the impact of the world economic crisis, Kim Mex have withstood in the market and constantly evolving. We believe that Kim Mex has completed his mission at the beginning of startup stage.

Following the success, the company is always ready to enter a new period of development with not only higher targets but also more challenging. We truly know that we need a comprehensive innovation from improving customer service and raise the level of skilled workers, improving the technical level and managers of engineering, innovating management methods and how to organize and implement project with new approach in order to become suitable with the development of science and technology especially Internet technology. Besides these changes, Company recognize that the new name is necessary for expressing a larger desire, further vision and more clearly mission. Simultaneously, we also send a message to all colleagues and partners that link together for development and success. By these thinking, Kim Mex Construction & Investment Co.,Ltd. was chosen, a small name but having a great message.

  • Inheriting and promoting initial achievements, the major fields of Kim Mex include: Roads, bridges irrigation, drainage system and flood control system, Water supply, sewage system, Grounding and Energy system.

    Company focuses on three key breakthroughs for the development including the quality of human resources, technological breakthroughs and policy.

    Apart from three breakthroughs, our company have identified the important missions to guide development for ourselves.

    The first mission for customers: The Company must bring technical of M & E engineering to apply projects of customers with reasonable price and service in a dedicated manner.

    The second mission for our employees: The company must become the second home of all colleagues, and all official staff will own shares. We hope that all of staff will truly become owners in this company.

    The third mission is for students: company will become the place of practicing for all students having a passion with engineering work. This will be a good environment for nurturing of the dreams and turn those dreams come true.

  • The fourth mission for rural youth generation: a generation with the highest quantity and the most disadvantaged, the Company must provide vocational training as much as possible and to create jobs for them.

    Like its name, our message is “Linking to shared interests,” “Links to Success”

    We believe that we are building a company that can contribute to more jobs for the community and bring more joy in work for the staff, a part of effort to launch a movement started out in students and colleagues, with faith in the aspirations and abilities of youth with a certain link together successfully and profit will follow.